Construction Accidents

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Construction Accident Attorneys Long Island

If you are the victim of a construction accident, you have rights. However, understanding the complex laws and regulations associated with construction sites in New York City is something that requires advanced legal experience. With over 45 years of service, the construction accident attorneys at Levine and Slavit, serving Long Island and surrounding areas, are ready to assist you. Our attorneys can establish liability, ensure coverage for your medical and other expenses, and provide a realistic explanation of your case and your rights in workplace accidents.

Establishing Liability for Construction Accidents

Levine and Slavit will work diligently to establish liability in your construction accident claim. Liability may fall on a variety of parties, including owners, employers, contractors, and agents. Because the law protects your rights – and is ever-changing – rely on the decades of experience your attorneys have in proving liability, so you can receive the compensation you need.

Types of Construction Accidents

Working on a construction site leaves you open to a variety of hazards. Whether you suffer injuries related to a fall, crane and heavy machinery, an elevator accident, or a window washing accident, our attorneys can provide you with experienced representation.

New York Scaffold Laws

Referred to as “scaffold laws” or “safe place to work laws,” New York Labor Law Sections 240 and 241 have been protecting construction workers for more than 200 years. These laws state that legal responsibility lies with the owner and contractor at a construction site if a worker is harmed as a result of a fall, or an impact injury caused by something falling.

Construction Fall Accidents

If you have fallen and become injured while working on a construction site, the attorneys at Levine and Slavit are ready to help. Dedicated to helping victims receive compensation, our attorney team looks forward to meeting with you for a free consultation. Whether your fall was from a ladder, scaffold, or other height, we will discuss the events and subsequent injuries to determine whether you are entitled to compensation.

Crane and Heavy Machinery Accidents

Crane and heavy machinery accidents can have devastating effects on construction workers, including death. Whether a crane has collapsed as a result of defects or human error, or if you have been hurt in a forklift or backhoe accident, the attorneys at Levine and Slavit can assist you. Our defective product and construction accident attorneys will assist you in obtaining compensation from the individuals or groups responsible for your injuries.

Elevator Accidents

Laws governing liability in elevator accidents are specific. However, they are not consistent across all jurisdictions. If you have been injured in an elevator accident at a construction site, allow our attorneys to provide advanced knowledge in establishing liability. In most cases, New York labor laws place absolute liability on the building owner and general contractor for elevator-associated injuries. We can help make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Window Washer Accidents

Your dangerous job as a window washer brings with it specific laws that protect you. Because you have specific rights to a safe working environment and accident prevention, you may be able to recover damages if you are the victim of a window washing accident.

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