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Client Satisfaction


At the law office of Levine and Slavit, we believe that a thorough interview can help us build a stronger case.

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MR. LEONARD SLAVIT: Client satisfaction begins with the initial conversation. It's important at our office that a lawyer speak to the prospective client at the initial interview. We have found that by asking specific questions we learn a lot about what took place and it helps us both in determining the circumstances of the accident and the medical condition of the client. And we do that at an early stage. This gives us a more complete understanding of what took place and goes beyond the client describing that portion of the incident that seems important to the client. After all, the client is not aware of the legal consequences of all that took place and it's our job to put everything together. And through this conversation we develop a more complete understanding of what the accident and the case is about. It helps us to proceed and start off in the right direction, let's us proceed and develop and prepare the case for the ultimate resolution of your claim. It also lays a groundwork for a better result and a strong attorney/client relationship.