How to Recognize a Sex Offender in School

The New York State School Boards Association New York State School Boards Association has issued tips to recognize signs of possible educator sexual misconduct. State reports say many of the sex offender teachers and administrators maintained sexual relationships with students for months or years, with subtle signs of the abuse discounted or missed by colleagues and students.

Some tips to recognize signs of possible educator sexual misconduct include:

– Student has difficulty walking or sitting, torn clothing, stained or bloodied underwear, pain or itching in the genital area, venereal disease, pregnancy, and changes in weight.

– Sexual behavior inappropriate for a student’s age.

– Being late to class, changes in personality, and increased time with one adult.

– The behavior of adult molesters can include personal relationships with students, time spent alone with students, time before or after school spent with the same students, time in private spaces with students, flirting with students, and off-color remarks in class.

– Sexual predators in schools are often well liked and considered excellent teachers.

– Special education students are often targets.

– Adults who have access to students before and after school – coaches and music teachers for example- are more likely to be abusers.

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