A Purse Filled with a Pocket Size Cell Phone and a Taser?? (“Don’t Tase Me, Sis”)

Don’t be surprised if one day you’re out somewhere and you hear someone plead, “Don’t tase me, sis!” The manufacturer of Tasers, the controversial stun gun used by police and other law enforcement officials, has started selling a consumer version of this gun known as the “C2.” The C2 can be found at regular sporting good stores, it sells in multiple colors and can be purchased for a rate as low as $299.00. The C2 is marketed for its small size and noted for the fact that it can easily fit in a woman’s purse.

Essentially it seems that the C2 is being advertised and sold as if it was just another trendy item that one would keep in their purse such as a cell phone or iPod, when in fact it is a weapon with the potential to kill. The C2 differs from the version that the police use as it has a shorter range (15 feet as compared to 35) but it alarmingly delivers a longer shock (30 seconds as opposed to 5 seconds). Both guns have a 50,000 voltage.

While it is claimed that the C2 is a less lethal alternative to guns, there is serious concern that the “consumer friendly” Taser will be used too frequently and still very dangerous and deadly. For these very reasons, a multitude of human rights and police groups are wary of these guns and the effect it can have on the safety of law enforcement professionals.

There is also the concern that consumers will use this weapon thinking it is completely safe, when in fact this is not the case. In fact, since June of 2001, a survey performed revealed that close to 300 people have died after being shocked by a Taser. Various follow up studies are being performed to test the affects that a stun gun has on a person’s physiology.

It is already known that users should avoid shooting at the location of a preexisting injury and that victims may suffer bone fractures. While current law requires that Taser purchasers have a background check performed before they can activate the same, no training is required, and nothing is done to prevent the later transferring of the Taser to someone else. In addition, while the company claims it has won every product liability lawsuit to date, further inquiry divulges that in fact at least 10 of these cases have settled.

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