Governor Paterson Announces $150 Million Available for Long-Term Care Alternatives to Nursing Homes

The dreaded day when a family realizes that their loved one can no longer be cared for in their home, even with assistance, and must be confined to a nursing home will hopefully become less common and traumatic. Earlier this month Governor David A. Paterson announced that New York State will fund up to $150 million in projects to help communities develop alternatives to traditional nursing homes.

The primary goal of this procurement is to help communities organize, finance and develop care alternatives by coordinating a variety of licensed residential programs in the development of residential options. It is hoped that this community-based care will provide the level of health care the elderly need while preserving the independence they hold dear. The funding will help communities/regions develop alternatives to nursing home care for long-term care populations while downsizing nursing home beds, maintaining critical access to appropriately sized skilled nursing care based on community need, and/or promoting access to aging in place by supporting adult care facilities in transitioning to enhanced or special needs assisted living residence licensure.

Grants will be available to nursing homes, certified home health agencies, assisted living programs and residences, adult homes, enriched housing programs, municipalities, independent living centers, non-profit senior housing corporations or consortiums of these programs. Successful applicants will use multiple agencies and local resources to develop housing with coordinated medical services and licensed residential programs.

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