No Good Choices When Your Vehicle is Disabled on a Highway

I’ve been in the situation William Schettino was in when his car broke down in the HOV lane of the westbound Long Island Expressway earlier this month. For me it was on the New York State Thruway in pouring rain when the windshield wipers somehow got tangled up with one another and would not work. It was impossible to see, and the only thing to do was to pull onto the shoulder and stop. There we sat, waiting for help while traffic whizzed by in the lanes next to us (65 M.P.H. speed limit). I felt like there might as … Read the rest

Auto-Lobbyists Successfully Argue Worth of Child Warrants Delaying Regulation Requiring All Vehicles Include A Rear Backup Camera

On Monday of last week it was reported that Federal regulators planned to announce this week that automakers will be required to put rearview cameras with in-vehicle display in all passenger vehicles by 2014 to help drivers see what is behind them and avoid accidents. By Wednesday the plans were put on hold to allow more time for “study and data analysis.” Auto-lobbyists estimated that the required cameras would cost the auto industry $2.7 billion annually, or $160 to $200 a vehicle. They suggested car manufacturers be able to add expanded mirrors instead of the cameras. If that would be … Read the rest

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