Think the Elevator in Your Building is the Worst in New York City?

Maybe so, but can you brag that yours is one of the ten worst elevator offenders in New York City? If you want to know, go to the website of the New York City Buildings Department, you can find a list of ten of the top offenders who will be pursued under the Department’s Elevator Enforcement Program. The list is compiled using complaint data, violations, maintenance filings, and field inspection records. Many of these type of reports are available online and may serve as a gauge of the safety of a building and potential for liability for an unsafe condition of the premises.

The list of top 10 elevator offenders, last updated July 31, 2012:

1. 1990 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan
Owner: KNW Apartments LLC

2. 129 Ridge Street, Manhattan
Owner: 129-135 Ridge Street HDFC

3. 104-60 Queens Boulevard, Queens
Owner: Parker Queens LP

4. 231 Steuben Street, Staten Island
Owner: Steuben Delshah LLC

5. 540 Jackson Avenue, the Bronx
Owner: 40 Jackson Realty Corporation

6. 180 Lenox Road, Brooklyn
Owner: Lenox 180 LLC

7. 565 West 139th Street, Manhattan
Owner: 565 West 139th Street LP

8. 2300-2344 Boston Road, the Bronx
Owner: Bronx Park East HSG Co. Inc.

9. 10-40 Richman Plaza aka 10 Richmond Plaza, the Bronx
Owner: Harlem River Park Houses

10. 2260 University Avenue, the Bronx
Owner: Ved Parkash

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