Another Compounding Company Endangers Consumers With Contaminated Products

On September 26, 2012, New England Compounding Center (NECC) recalled more than 17,000 steroids delivered to medical facilities in 23 states because of an outbreak of fungal meningitis suffered by patients injected with the contaminated product. Now this past week Med Prep Consulting, Inc. “voluntarily” recalled all lots of its products after being notified by a Connecticut hospital that it observed visible particulate contaminants confirmed to be mold in 50 ml bags of Magnesium Sulfate 2 grams in Dextrose 5% for Injection products compounded at its facility.

Administration of an intravenous product found to be contaminated with mold could result in a fatal infection in broad array of patients. The product is used for Magnesium electrolyte replacement for hospitalized patients.

Included in the recall are the following products:

Acetylcystiene vials – Adenosine Bags – Alteplase syringe – Atropine syringe – Avastin syringe – Aztreonam syringe – Bacitracin vials – Bupivacaine Bag – Bupivacaine- Epinephrine Bag – Bupivacaine Syringe – Bupivacaine OnQ Pump – Calcium Gluconate Bag – Calcium Gluconate syringe – Cefazolin syringe – Cefazolin Bag – Cefepime syringe – Cefepime Bag – Cefotaxime syringe – Cefotetan syringe – Cefoxitin syringe – Ceftazidime syringe – Ceftazidime Bag – Ceftriaxone syringe – Ceftriaxone Bag – Cefuroxime syringe – Cefuroxime Bag – Clindamycin syringe – Darboepoetin (Aranesp) syringe – Denusumab Syringe – Dexamethasone Bag – Diltiazem Bag – Diphenhydramine Bags – Dobutamine Bag – Dobutamine syringe – Ephedrine syringes – Epinephrine Bag – Epinephrine Bag – Epinephrine syringe – Epoetin Alfa syringe – Esmolol syringes – Famotidine syringe – Fentanyl Citrate Bag – Fentanyl Citrate with Bupivacaine HCL Bag – Gentamicin syringe – Gentamicin Bag – Glycopyrrolate syringes – Granisetron syringe – Hectoral syringe – Heparin syringe – Heparin bag – Hydromorphone syringe – Hydromorphone Bag – Hydromorphone PCA syringe – LET Gel syringe – LET Soln syringe – Leukine syringe – Magnesium Sulfate bag – Meperidine Bag – Methadone Syringe – Midazolam Bag – Midazolam syringe – Morphine Sulfate Bag – Morphine Sulfate syringe – Norepinephrine bag – Norepinephrine Syringe – Ondansetron Bag – Ondansetron – Dexamethasone Bag – Ondansetron syringe – Oxacillin syringe – Oxacillin Bag – Oxytocin bag – Palanosetron (Aloxi) syringe – Penicillin syringe – Penicillin Bag – Phenylephrine Bags – Phenylephrine syringes – Potassium Chloride Bag – Potassium Phosphate l bag – Ranitidine syringe – Rituxan syringe – Ropivacaine Bag – Ropivacaine OnQ Pump – Sodium Citrate syringe – Sodium Phosphate bag – Succinylcholine syringes – Sufentanil with Bupivacaine Bag – Timentin syringe – Tobramycin syringe – Vancomycin Bags – Zometa syringe.

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