Types of Neck Injuries

types of neck injuriesNeck injuries are among the most devastating personal injuries a person can suffer in an accident. They are almost always painful and debilitating. In the most severe cases, they can permanently compromise a person’s quality of life, leading to a lifetime of financial, emotional, and physical hardships.

At the law firm of Levine & Slavit, serving residents of and near Long Island, neck injury lawsuits can arise from a variety of accidents, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and construction and other workplace accidents. Our personal injury attorneys handle the full range of personal injury cases, including those involving virtually any type of neck injury. If you or a member of your family has suffered a neck injury in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent or deliberately harmful actions, we can help you obtain the financial compensation you need to cover your losses and expenses.

Common Neck Injuries Caused by Accidents

Our personal injury and car accident attorneys provide exceptional legal representation to victims of all types of accidents, involving all types of neck injuries. The most common types of neck injuries to result from accidents include:

Whiplash: Whiplash occurs when the neck is jolted suddenly so that the muscles and ligaments of the neck are strained beyond their normal range of motion. Many instances of whiplash are minor and resolve quickly; however, severe cases can result in chronic pain that lasts for months, years, or even a lifetime. This pain can spread to the shoulders and arms and make movement of the head excruciating.

Pinched nerve: A pinched nerve results from excess pressure being applied to a nerve by the bones, muscles, cartilage, or tendons of the neck. This can cause persistent pain or weakness in the neck which, in severe cases, might require surgery to correct.

Herniated disc: Like the spine, the neck is composed of a series of bones separated by soft cushions known as disks. When the soft inside of one of these disks leaks through a crack in the protective exterior, pain can result. This condition, a herniated disc, can manifest itself as intense arm and shoulder pain. It can also cause weakness, numbness, and tingling in the neck, arms, and shoulders, and may require surgery.

Spinal cord injury: The most dangerous type of neck injury involves damage to the spinal cord, usually as a result of a fracture or dislocation of the neck. In the best case scenario, victims experience chronic pain for years if not a lifetime; in the worst, victims can suffer paralysis or even death.

Whatever the nature of your neck injury or the neck injury of your loved one, the person or entity responsible for the injury should be held responsible. Our personal injury attorneys are experts in proving negligence and obtaining the full measure of damages to which injured victims and their families are entitled.

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