Litigants Claim Talcum Powder Causes Cancer

Talcum powder is a hydrated magnesium silicate and most often seen in its popular baby powder form.  Women also use talcum powder for personal hygiene and cosmetic purposes. Recently, there have been claims that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, and that manufacturers have looked the other way.

Recently, the household brand name of Johnson & Johnson has come under attack. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) manufactures a diverse line of products ranging from baby powder to antipsychotic drugs.  With so many varied products, J&J has been sued multiple times in the past for product defects and personal injuries. According to, J&J now faces approximately 1,200 lawsuits based on claims of personal injuries sustained by using talcum powder-related products.

One lawsuit was recently filed by the family of Jackie Fox, who died of ovarian cancer in 2015. The family claims that Ms. Fox’s use of J&J powders containing talc caused her to contract the disease.  What’s more, it is alleged that J&J knew of the link between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer and continued to market it without warning consumers.

J&J has refuted these claims by pointing to a 2014 statement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that it has not found any “conclusive evidence” of talc causing ovarian cancer. The court denied J&J’s request for dismissal of the suit, stating that there may be evidence of a conspiracy to hide the risks associated with their talcum powder products.

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