New York City Starts to Break on Traffic Deaths

Recently, New York City traffic death rates have subsided dramatically and last year marked the lowest it has been historically. Despite promising figures, Mayor Bill de Blasio called for additional measures to improve dangerous traffic spots in the city and protection of vulnerable pedestrian groups such as senior citizens.

Throughout New York, a total of 231 people were killed in crashes last year— 26 fewer than 2014.  Motorcyclist deaths fell from 37 in 2014 to 22 in 2015. The city also saw improvement with five fewer pedestrian deaths and six fewer cycling deaths.

In recent years both the number of bus fatalities and number of motorists and passengers who died has stayed relatively stagnant. There were seven pedestrians killed by MTA buses in 2015, down from eight in 2014. To address this issue, the MTA is testing an audio alert to warn pedestrians with collision avoidance technology.

Mayor de Blasio’s plans to utilize the city’s Vision Zero Action Plan to further reduce traffic causalities and aims to address the city’s most prominent traffic issues: senior pedestrian vulnerability, bus fatalities and the number of motorists who were under the influence of alcohol at the time of their crash.

Last year, senior citizens made up 38 percent of the city’s pedestrian fatalities despite representing only 13 percent of the population. According to Safe Streets for Seniors New York City, New York has the highest number of seniors who walk in comparison to other cities and there is growing concern over their safety as the baby boomers generation reaches retirement age. To address the issue, the New York Police Department will host their first senior-focused enforcement initiative to target reckless drivers near senior centers and areas with high numbers of elderly residents.  New York senior pedestrians are four times as likely to be seriously injured by a motor vehicle than younger pedestrians.

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