Motor Carrier Safety Programs Help Save Lives

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), completes an annual review of commercial vehicle inspection and traffic enforcement programs.  The program’s focus on large commercial trucks and buses on public roadways.  Certain commercial vehicles are subject to roadside inspections.  These inspections, combined with traffic stops, are thought to enforce federal and state safety regulations, and prevent future crashes.

Annually, the FMCSA analyzes their Roadside Intervention Effectiveness Model (RIEM).  Recently, the FMCSA announced that according to its analysis, these programs saved as many as 472 lives in 2012, which is the most recent information available, and more than 7,000 lives since 2001.  The number of prevented injuries for 2012 are estimated at approximately 9,000.  The FMCSA continually strives to improve the inspection and safety programs in order to prevent further injuries and fatalities involving commercial trucks and busses.

Municipal safety inspectors are located in all 50 states, and annually inspect more than 3.5 million commercial vehicles.  If a vehicle has safety violations, they are not allowed to continue driving until the issue is resolved.  The inspections are typically conducted by individual states, which receive federal funding from FMCSA under its Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program.

Even with progressive programs such as mandated inspections and RIEM annual analysis, commercial vehicle accidents are inevitable.  If you have been involved in a truck or bus accident, contact an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters.  Get the experienced attorneys of Levine & Slavit, PLLC on your side so you and your family are able to receive compensation the law provides. Contact (888) LAW-8088 for a consultation today.

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