Large Trucks Continue to Cause Big Problems on the Road

Trucking accidents can cause serious injuries and death.  If this year is any indication, accidents involving large trucks have the potential to claim more lives than all domestic commercial airline fatalities during the past 45 years.  Some believe that Congress should reform current laws to be stricter on the trucking industry.

Recently, Congress’ actions seemed to sidestep safety improvements that were ordered by federal regulators.  Instead of the current 70 hours of driving time over an eight-day period, Congress is advocating to increase it to 82 hours over a seven-day period.  Additionally, Congress has suspended the mandatory two consecutive early-morning periods required in the 34-hour rest period between workweeks.  Before, drivers were prohibited from working two mornings in a row between two full-time workweeks.  This mandated drivers to rest a full 34 hours, and required the 34-hour period to include two mornings in a row.  Congress, in suspending the required two consecutive early-morning periods, essentially will allow drivers to rest from noon one day until 10 p.m. the next day, instead of having two evenings of rest.

Although there is technology that can improve the monitoring of a driver’s behavior, Congress has prevented the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration from funding it.  Congress seems to be strongly supporting the $700 billion-a-year trucking.

Some safety improvements that could be added to trucks in the United States of America, like those in Europe, are a collision-detection and avoidance device, airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and vehicle monitoring systems.  So far, only 3 percent of the heaviest trucks are equipped with any collision-avoidance technology.  The trucking industry has refused to implement these safety updates, citing costs.  Until safety is improved, large trucks may continue to cause a disproportionate number of fatalities and other serious personal injuries.

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