Deadly 64-Vehicle Pile Up Under Investigation

On February 13, a massive pileup on I-78 in Pennsylvania that involved 64 vehicles and sent 73 people to hospitals is currently under investigation. Among the three fatalities was a 50-year Long Island resident who died at the scene.

The crash occurred shortly before 9:30 a.m. in a whiteout snowstorm with low visibility, high winds and a lot of drifting snow. Of the 64 vehicles in the pileup 12 of them were commercial. Ambulances and four medical helicopters took the 73 injured to 11 hospitals.

The investigation into the cause of the accident will take weeks and possibly even up to a month. Investigators will try and match scrapes and impact points to determine which vehicles interacted with others.

In addition to witness interviews, investigators will use photos from the scene and data recovered from the airbag and electronic control modules on trucks, which record speed, breaking and steering at the time of deployment, to analyze each individual collision in the pileup. Tractor-trailers have similar modules.

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