Cell Phone Pictures and Your Personal Injury Case

With cell phones being available at a moment’s notice, they may be one of the most valuable ways to gather evidence for your personal injury claim. Capturing pictures of your accident can help provide an indication as to who was at fault, preserve and document evidence, and show damages as they were at the time of the accident. While physical evidence of an accident is always the preferred method, if you do not have access or cannot preserve it, taking a picture on your cell phone may be the next best alternative.

When involved in an accident, it is first important to make sure yourself and others are not seriously injured. Once everyone is safe, the next step should be to take pictures to document the accident. The sooner pictures are taken, the more accurate they will represent the condition of the evidence. When taking photos of any accident it is important to take multiple pictures from different angles. Most cell phone cameras will preserve the date and time that the photo was taken.

If you are unable to immediately take pictures of the evidence at the scene, it is important to return as soon as possible. Conditions of a scene can change very quickly, so the sooner the better. If the accident occurred in a public place, then you will have the right to take pictures. However, if you were injured in a private place, or a place that has been closed off, it is important to ask permission before taking pictures. If you are turned away, make a note of the date, time, and person you spoke to.

Along with documenting evidence of an accident, it is also important to document any injuries sustained. Pictures may help to tell the story of the significance of your pain, and will preserve evidence of quick healing injuries. With that said, medical records will still be the key to establishing the compensation you should demand, and will most likely be requested by the defendant.

Documenting evidence and injuries is an essential part of your personal injury claim. Having access to a camera through your cell phone, provides any individual with the immediate ability to gather the information needed to bring a successful personal injury claim.

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