Improper Restraint Of Children In Car Seats

defective car sear lawyer New YorkProper use of car seats and seat belts are essential to protecting the lives of children in motor vehicles. A recent study has revealed that one in five children involved in fatal car accidents were either unrestrained or improperly restrained. Recently, it was reported that the Graco My Ride 65 convertible car seat may be defective due to its failure to restrain a child in a car accident.

Between 2010 and 2014, 18,116 fatal accidents involving children, under 15 years old, took place, according to the Journal of Pediatrics. Researchers found that at the time of the crash, 20 percent of the children were improperly restrained or not restrained at all. This sample included children who survived the car accident as well as those that died. Overall, as many as 2,900 children (16 percent) died in these car accidents. Nearly 43 percent of the children that died were not properly restrained or unrestrained at the time the crash occurred and 13 percent were inappropriately seated in the front seat of the car, according to the study.

Car seats must be able to withstand severe forces in the event of an auto accident and, in many cases, act as a carrier as well. If a car seat is improperly designed or constructed, it can suffer critical failure when it is needed most, and may result in severe injury or death of a child. According to the National Highway traffic Safety Administration, the Graco My Ride 65 car seat harness webbing was not resistant enough and could lead to breakage in the event of a serious car accident. After an investigation performed by the Graco manufacturer, the harness webbing was found to be, in fact, defective, but was associated with only a single batch. An estimated 10 percent of the seats were defective and therefore recalled, including model numbers 1794334, 1813074, 1813015, 1853478, 1871689, 1872691, 1877535, and 1908152.

If your child has been seriously injured or killed in a car accident due to an inadequate or defective car seat, you may be entitled to compensation. It is imperative to seek the guidance of an experienced product liability lawyer who can help protect your legal rights and secure the fair compensation you deserve. The product liability lawyers at Levine & Slavit, PLLC are experienced in handling a variety of matters, including those that involve children’s car seats, toys, and cribs. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our New York City product liability law office at (212) 687-2777.

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