Bedsores In Nursing And Assisted Living Facilities

New York nursing home abuse lawyerWith the elderly population continuing to grow, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are playing a more vital role in today’s society. Many elderly residents have medical problems ranging from long-term illnesses to cognitive impairments. Oftentimes, the staff members in these facilities fail to provide proper care to the patients for ailments such as bedsores.

Bedsores develop over time due to a lack of blood flow to that particular area of the body. Oftentimes, this occurs when a patient remains sedentary. The constant pressure from being immobile leads to sores that may be life-threatening if they are not properly treated. Bedsores are often a sign of neglect, because many senior citizens may have a hard time moving from one place to another without assistance.

A bedsore is a good indicator that the elderly person is not being removed from a bed or chair often enough, which is neglect. Commonly, bedsores occur in areas such as the back, tailbone, and shoulders. The constant pressure on these areas and lack of blood flow wears away at the skin causing open wounds. These wounds may expose muscle or even bone. This can lead to a life-threatening infection, which is why it is very important that bedsores are diagnosed in a timely manner.

According to the CDC, 1 in 10 elderly patients who reside in a nursing home develops bed sores. If a bedsore is discovered, it should be properly treated. Some methods of treatment include debridement or even the use of a wound vacuum. While bedsores can occur with proper care, it is not common. If a patient is being provided with adequate care, such as being moved regularly, cleaned, having garments changed, and being given a balanced diet, they should not occur.

When a nursing facility does not provide the necessary care or fails to notify family members or loved ones when a bedsore appears, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that a loved one is being properly tended to. Do not allow a loved one to be mistreated.

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