Paliperidone Recalled

medical malpractice lawyer New YorkCommonly, dangerous drugs are recalled when they have a defect that may result or has already resulted in harm to an individual consumer. According to the FDA, recalls are intended to remove the dangerous drug from the market in order to avoid harm to the consumer. The manufacturer can initiate a recall, the FDA can request the drug be recalled, or the law may mandate a recall. In addition to recalls, there may also be a market withdrawal or safety alert issued to the public in order to protect consumers against harm from a dangerous drug or medical device.

On May 31st, the pharmaceutical industry recalled Paliperidone, a schizophrenia drug. According to tests conducted by Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer, the extended-release tablets failed certain testing, which indicated that the drug was not as effective in treating schizophrenia as it was supposed to be. According to a press release, the drugs were below specification, leaving a patient at risk of less of the medication being absorbed into the body and will be unable to maintain therapeutic levels, which could be extremely dangerous.

If a person on Paliperidone does not maintain therapeutic levels, they could have suicidal thoughts, injure themselves or others, have mood swings and aggressive behavior, hear voices, or even require hospitalization. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) issued a notice informing patients that anyone who had an adverse reaction should contact a licensed physician.

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