Lavern’s Law

New York medical malpractice lawyerRecently, New York State established Lavern’s Law to assist victims of misdiagnosis of cancer to hold both doctors and hospitals accountable. In 2013, Lavern Wilkinson died from incurable lung cancer due to doctors failing to accurately diagnose her illness. Ms. Wikinson had attempted to sue Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. However, she could not commence an action because the time period to do so had already expired.

At the time, New York State law provided that the time to bring about an action initiated from the time doctor committed the misdiagnosis. However, Ms. Wikinson, as well as many other people who are misdiagnosed, was not aware of her misdiagnosis until her cancer had grown.

When Ms. Wilkinson realized her cancer had grown, the statute of limitations had already expired. According to the law, Ms. Wilkinson had only two and half years to sue for medical malpractice. Ms. Wilkinson passed away leaving behind an autistic teenage son who was also developmentally disabled.

According to the new law, a victim of cancer misdiagnosis in New York State will be able to commence an action two and a half years from the date of discovering the misdiagnosis. However, if the misdiagnosis occurred more than seven years prior to the date of discovery, a victim is unable to bring a lawsuit. The new law will help provide relief for victims of cancer misdiagnosis and their families.

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