Slip and Falls: One of the Most Common Restaurant Accidents

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According to the National Safety Council, more than 25,000 slip-and-fall accidents occur at restaurants across the United States each day.

Be Mindful of Cooking Oil and Greasy Substances

Commonly, the use of cooking oil in restaurants can result in serious fryer burns. In addition, spills from cooking oil have been commonly linked to slip and fall injuries by both workers and patrons. Oftentimes, this occurs when the oil is improperly disposed or leaks onto the floor from a waste bag while being taken out to the trash. To help decrease the number of burns and slip and falls associated with cooking oil, it is important to educate workers on the proper handling, management, and disposal of this slick substance.

Monitor Employees and Objects on the Ground

Slip and falls or tripping over an object or carpet on the floor of a restaurant is quite common. As a result of tripping, slipping, or falling, both employees and patrons can sustain injuries such as a sprain, laceration, or soft tissue injury. In order to decrease the risk of injury to employees, restaurant owners should implement certain safety measures such as requiring staff members to wear sneakers that provide traction in the event that liquid is present on the floor. Furthermore, managers should be monitoring the restaurant floors to make sure that no inanimate objects or folded carpets are present.

Monitor the Bathrooms

Restaurant bathrooms and the hallways outside of bathrooms are a common place where injuries occur due to a slip and fall accident. Oftentimes, an individual washes his or her hands in the sink and water is spattered onto the surfaces below. This commonly causes people to slip and fall, especially when the wet surface is made of tile. To decrease the risk of bathroom injuries associated with wet floors, a safety program should be implemented to consistently clean and monitor the restaurant bathrooms.

Be Aware of Inclement Weather Conditions

Oftentimes employees or patrons will enter into a restaurant trekking in water from when it rains or even snow. This causes the floors to become slippery, which can lead to someone being seriously injured. It is important to notify customers to be aware of any slick surfaces as they enter the establishment by placing a sign out for patrons to see. Furthermore, safety measures should be taken to consistently dry any wet surfaces as best and as regularly as possible to decrease the risk of injuries.

While slick surfaces are one of the leading causes of restaurant falls, there are ways that restaurant owners can decrease the risk of injuries to employees and customers by implementing safety programs and properly training restaurant employees. If you have been injured in a restaurant slip and fall, contact a personal injury attorney who is skilled at dealing with such issues. The attorneys at Levine & Slavit, PLLC have over 50 years of experience representing clients in personal injury actions, including slip and fall injuries. With offices conveniently located in Manhattan and Long Island, Levine & Slavit, PLLC represents clients throughout New York City and both Nassau and Suffolk counties. For more information and to schedule a consultation, call (888)LAW-8088.

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