Scaffold Accidents Are on the Rise

scaffold accident lawyer NYCAs New York City continues to build, the number of streets seemingly overwhelmed with scaffolding continues to increase. A significant concern among New Yorkers is the danger these structures pose to the public as pedestrians walk beneath them on a daily basis. Recently, there has been an increase in scaffold-related accidents leaving victims with serious injuries.

For example, a recent incident in SoHo left one person trapped under a collapsed scaffold as a result of negligence. Here, the plaintiffs filed a $50 million lawsuit against multiple defendants. As a result of this incident, the Department of Buildings (DOB), which regulates the industry and is responsible for issuing all scaffolding permits in New York City, conducted a special investigation into the scaffolding company involved. The investigation revealed multiple scaffolding safety problems across multiple locations throughout the city.

According to the DOB, any new construction or buildings with crumbling facades in need of repair must have scaffolding erected. However, there is no legal deadline for scaffolding to be removed, which means that some scaffolds are left up for years because it is sometimes cheaper than making necessary building repairs.

According to the city council, scaffolds are not only an eyesore but also a hazard to the public. Some have even proposed establishing a 180-day scaffold law. Once the 180 days have passed, the city of New York will take control of a necessary project and then bill the owners. However, many construction companies are not only opposed to this but believe that the DOB is partially to blame as a result of permitting backlogs.

Regardless, with the increasing number of scaffolding incidents resulting in serious injuries, New York City must find a way to ensure the safety of workers and the public. Furthermore, if you or someone you loved has sustained injuries as a result of a New York City scaffold accident, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney knowledgeable in scaffold-related accidents could assess the facts of your case and help you decide what route will be most likely to produce the best results.

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