Health Code Violations Found In Nursing Home Kitchens

According to a report by the nonprofit news organization FairWarning, nursing homes across the country have been found to operate kitchens with major health code violations. Over the course of five months, the reporters investigated conditions in nursing home kitchens across the country and found major failures of hygiene. This has been found to be an issue across the country, with unsanitary conditions apparently being common throughout the nursing home industry.

These health code issues are across the board, from staff failing to wash their hands after using the bathroom or handling raw meat, failing to properly store or cook meat at appropriate temperatures, infestations of bugs and rodents, and more. There are also plenty of other lesser, but still problematic, hygiene issues, like failing to wear gloves while cooking, not using a face guard for workers with facial hair, or not labeling leftovers appropriately. And these problems can be found across the country, with a full third of all nursing homes having been cited in 2018 for failing to safely store, prepare and serve food.

These practices are especially disturbing given that nursing homes often deal with those populations who are most vulnerable to foodborne illness. This obviously includes the elderly, who are among the highest at risk if they contract a disease like salmonella or trichinosis from undercooked meat. However, this also includes people with certain ailments (or who are on certain medications) that weaken their immune system’s ability to fight off infections, such as HIV-Positive residents or people on anti-rejection drugs for an organ transplant.

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