Nassau County Takes Steps to Protect Pedestrians During “Fall Back”

Research has shown that pedestrian deaths increase in the period immediately after the end of Daylight Savings Time. The combination of fewer daylight hours plus the sudden shift in people’s sleep schedules has the combined effect of drastically increasing the danger to pedestrians in the weeks immediately after the “fall back” to Eastern Standard Time. Nassau County has recently announced a plan that would hopefully reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities that occur as result of the fall back.

According to Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, the period immediately after Daylight Savings Time ends is incredibly dangerous. The second least deadly month for pedestrians last year was in July, with 49 pedestrian deaths, while November had 95 deaths and December had 102. The increased pedestrian fatalities are blamed in large part on the fall back, when clocks shift back an hour, along with the attendant loss of daylight hours and shifts in sleep patterns.

To combat this, Nassau County has put forward a plan that will include more reflective materials on sidewalks and roads, as well as countdown clocks for stoplights. They are also looking to boost Nassau’s public transportation system, allowing people to more easily get from place to place without needing to walk everywhere. Combined, they hope this will make it less likely for pedestrians to get hit by motor vehicles.

Additionally, they are looking to combat distracted driving, which can be additionally troublesome in the “fall back” period. Texting or calling people while driving is dangerous, but so is texting or calling while walking across a busy road. Pedestrians need to do their part to remain attentive, even when simply walking down the street, to avoid the likelihood that they’ll become another statistic.

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