Practice Fusion Pays $145 Million Settlement for Opioid Kickback Scheme

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced a $145 million settlement with Practice Fusion, a company that furnished software used for keeping electronic health records (EHRs). The settlement describes a scheme in which Practice Fusion’s software would encourage doctors to prescribe more opioids, which in turn would earn them a kickback from a pharmaceutical company. The pharmaceutical company involved was not named in the settlement.

The scheme, as described in the settlement, worked as follows: Practice Fusion offered to introduce code into its EHR software on behalf of the unnamed pharmaceutical company that would cause alerts to appear on doctor’s computers. The alerts were designed to induce doctors to prescribe more extended-release opioids than would be medically necessary, thus resulting in more prescriptions for the pharmaceutical company’s products. In exchange, the pharmaceutical company would pay $1 million to Practice Fusion for the covert promotion of their products.

The settlement comes as medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies face increased scrutiny due to the opioid crisis, which has resulted in an epidemic of prescription opioid addiction and overdoses. The DOJ has been cracking down on people that have helped encourage the epidemic, whether they were doctors that overprescribed in exchange for kickbacks, or pharmaceutical companies that deliberately underplayed the risks of addiction and overdose to sell more prescriptions. Practice Fusion is not the first company to face penalties as a result of its part in the opioid crisis, and it is likely it will not be the last.

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