Coronavirus Spread Highlights Importance of Good Hygiene

With cases of coronavirus now appearing in the United States, there are increasing worries about the impact that the disease will have, particularly on children, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions. While authorities are urging people not to panic, many Americans are concerned about the danger the coronavirus poses. The coronavirus highlights the importance of having medical institutions that follow proper protocol when it comes to maintaining good hygiene by their staff.

Legally, medical professionals of all kinds, including doctors, nurses, orderlies and lab technicians, have a duty to the patients they care for to maintain hygienic conditions in their facilities. This means using sterile medical equipment, properly disposing of medical waste, and (of course) washing their hands, among other measures intended to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. While this is always the case, regardless of any other things happening in the world, these sorts of measures are doubly important with the threat of the coronavirus lingering.

While most medical professionals can be trusted to maintain proper hygiene at their facilities, not all of them take the proper care they should. For example, you should take note if medication isn’t administered on time or as prescribed, or if staff fails to respond to calls for assistance. If you have a loved one in long-term care like a nursing home or assisted living facility, look for signs of neglect like unexplained weight loss, dirty bedsheets or clothing, and especially the appearance of bed sores. Being on the lookout for these signs may not just help protect your loved ones from poor medical practices but can also help prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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