Most Nursing Homes with Coronavirus Have History of Infections

Remember to use protective gear.
Infection control saves lives.

In an analysis published by the Los Angeles Times, it was found that 89% of all nursing homes that have had coronavirus outbreaks in Los Angeles County had previously been cited for failing to observe anti-infection protocols. While not a surprising result, it is unfortunate for residents who are now infected and fighting for their lives against COVID-19. It also highlights the importance of infection control regulations in fighting outbreaks like the coronavirus.

The 2019 novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a highly infectious disease that can cause severe respiratory problems in someone infected by the disease. The coronavirus is particularly dangerous for the elderly and those with certain chronic health problems, which also happens to be the people most likely to be found in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other similar facilities. In theory, these facilities are supposed to maintain excellent hygiene to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but unfortunately far too many of these facilities are habitually understaffed, underfunded or both.

The result is that the most vulnerable people in our society are placed at risk of infection by diseases like the coronavirus. It only takes one nurse, aide or technician failing to follow protocol for the coronavirus to be brought in and infect the entire facility, which unfortunately is happening more and more. That’s why nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other medical facilities that deal with vulnerable patients should be held accountable for their failure to adhere to proper protocol. Otherwise, people’s loved ones are placed at unnecessary risk of a potentially fatal infection.

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