Quarantine Means Fewer Cars but More Reckless Driving

The coronavirus quarantine has resulted in most people staying home as much as possible, to avoid contracting or spreading the disease. This has necessarily meant fewer cars on the road, with less traffic and fewer overall accidents. However, if New York City is any indication, these empty roads are encouraging people to engage in reckless driving, with a higher rate of speeding tickets and more dangerous accidents compared to before.

The NY PAUSE is the formal name for New York’s quarantine procedures, which heavily restricted business operations and travel throughout the state. It requires people to stay at home except for acquiring necessities and has suspended or restricted all businesses deemed nonessential. Some businesses have also moved to telecommuting, with work being done remotely over the internet rather than in-person at offices. The result is that a massive number of cars have been taken off the road, with traffic delays now nearly nonexistent and rush hour a thing of the past.

The upside of all this is that people can travel at high speed, even on roads that would normally be too crowded for speeding. The downside is that more people are now disobeying speed limits and engaging in other forms of reckless driving, resulting in more speeding tickets and traffic violations relative to the number of people on the road. It also means that car accidents, while less frequent, are also more deadly, with a higher rate of serious injury and death. People who travel during the quarantine should keep in mind that traffic laws are still in effect, and the consequences of reckless driving are very real.

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