Bed Sores Are Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

It is never pleasant to discover a loved one in a nursing home has bed sores. Aside from being painful for your loved one, bed sores can quickly progress from minor discomfort to a severe medical problem with potential long-term health implications. Always be on the lookout for bed sores, which are one of the surest signs of neglect for nursing home patients.

Bed sores, which are more formally known as pressure ulcers, are a skin condition that forms when a person places pressure on a specific area for too long. Initially, the affected area will appear red and hard, and will not discolor when pressure is applied to it. However, as the condition progresses, open sores will appear on the skin, which can bleed and become infected. If not treated promptly, the sores will go deeper into the tissue, potentially even affecting muscle and bone, which can require surgical intervention to repair.

Typically, this is the result of being bedridden and not having someone regularly turn and reposition them, which is what nursing home attendants are supposed to do with bedridden residents. Additionally, bed sores can be aggravated by malnutrition and dehydration, causing them to appear faster or advance more quickly when the resident is not appropriately fed and hydrated. Prolonged exposure to moisture, such as from being left in soiled clothing or bed sheets, can also worsen the condition.

Put simply, bed sores should never appear on any nursing home resident, if they are being cared for properly. That is why the appearance of bed sores, even its earliest stages, are a sign of potential neglect or abuse. If you see your loved one developing bed sores, you should seek legal counsel immediately to examine your potential options for addressing the needs of your loved ones.

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