Juul Sued by Over 100 School Districts for Allegedly Targeting Minors

Juul is the largest manufacturer of e-cigarettes in the world, and at its height in 2018, it held a market share of greater than 70%. However, it has faced criticism and litigation for hiding the dangers associated with its product, including obscuring the fact that its products contain nicotine. However, it now faces lawsuits from more than one hundred school districts over another troubling set of allegations: namely, that it has intentionally marketed its products towards minors who cannot legally purchase its products.

E-cigarettes, also known as vape pens, are electronic devices that convert cartridges of liquid nicotine (or other intoxicating substances) into water vapor, allowing users to obtain a nicotine high without the use of conventional cigarettes or cigars. E-cigarettes like Juul were originally marketed as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, and that they could even be used to quit smoking. However, several lawsuits have since alleged Juul’s products could cause a variety of health problems, including seizures and lung damage.

Now, Juul faces additional legal trouble as it is accused of marketing its products towards minors by school districts who are wrestling with a rash of underage e-cigarette users. By the school districts’ own estimates, e-cigarette use has gone up 78% since Juul first launched, while use among middle school students has gone up by 48%. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturer uses colorful packaging to attract minors, and that it has deliberately designed the e-cigarettes to look like USB sticks to make them easier to conceal. The suits also claim that Juul has deliberately obscured the nicotine content of its own products, failing to disclose that all its products contain the addictive chemical.

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