Misdiagnosis by a Healthcare Provider Can Cause Real Harm

Be wary of potential misdiagnosis by a medical provider.
Misdiagnosis is a common cause for medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice can come in many forms, from surgical errors, to prescribing the wrong medication, or even causing additional injuries while attempting to repair an existing one. Sometimes, though, a doctor or other healthcare provider misses something or gets something wrong, resulting in misdiagnosis. However, even an honest mistake can result in real harm to patients, who rely on a doctor’s diagnosis to determine how their illnesses should be treated.

The term “misdiagnosis” refers to a situation where a doctor or other medical provider gives an incorrect diagnosis for an illness or injury. Misdiagnosis can happen for several reasons, such as confusing diseases with similar symptoms, but sometimes it can happen due to a doctor’s negligence. They may fail to perform a necessary test, or they could misinterpret test results, thus resulting in the wrong conclusion about a patient’s illness. They could also fail to consider external factors that might influence test results, such as any medications the patient takes or any other medical conditions they are already suffering from.

Whatever the reason, misdiagnosis can result in severe harm to patients who experience it. They could be given the wrong treatment for a disease, causing additional harm while failing to address the real medical condition. In the meantime, the underlying medical condition could worsen, resulting in additional complications and a greater risk of long-term health consequences to the patient.

Additionally, there are cases where a doctor not only gets it wrong but fails to diagnose a condition entirely. In these cases, a doctor may simply ignore a medical condition and refuse to treat it, perhaps because they believe their patient is being overly dramatic or is making up their symptoms. Failure to diagnose a medical condition, or delaying diagnosis, can result in a disease becoming worse over time, making it more difficult to treat and making it more likely for the illness to cause severe health complications, including potentially fatal ones.

If you or a loved one has suffered from illness or injury due to misdiagnosis of a medical condition, it’s important to get the legal representation you need to get compensation for the harm you and your loved ones have suffered. The lawyers at Levine and Slavit, PLLC are experienced in representing New York City and Long Island residents in medical malpractice cases. To schedule a free consultation, contact our New York City medical malpractice lawyers at (212) 687-2777 or for our Long Island medical malpractice lawyers call (516) 294-8282.

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