Car Accidents: Five Things That Make Them More Likely

Car accidents are among the most common causes of injury in the United States, with thousands of people injured or killed every year in New York alone. While some of these accidents are unavoidable, there are circumstances that can make car accidents significantly more likely. Here are five issues that increase the likelihood of a car accident:

  1. Speeding and other traffic violations
    1. By far, one of the biggest contributors to car accidents is speeding, with other traffic violations also significantly contributing to the potential for an accident. This is because people typically expect others to obey the rules of the road, and when they do not, it increases the likelihood of a collision. Additionally, the faster a car is going, the harder it is to brake suddenly, and the greater the damage that is done to both the car and the driver in an accident. Thus, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from an accident is to keep to the speed limit as much as possible.
  2. Distracted driving
    1. Another factor that is an increasingly common contributor to car accidents is distracted driving. Typically, this refers to reading or writing text messages while driving, but it can also include people answering phone calls, using social media, or browsing the internet when their eyes should be on the road. It can also include being distracted by other people in the car. Whenever someone attempts to drive while they are distracted by their cell phone or other things happening in their car, it increases the likelihood of a car accident.
  3. Poor maintenance
    1. Failing to keep your car properly maintained is also a major contributor to car accidents. This can be a harder problem to deal with because maintaining your car can be expensive, especially if you need to replace parts. However, the longer you go without changing your oil, replacing your brake pads, or doing other basic elements of maintenance, the more likely you are to suffer a sudden mechanical failure, which can result in an accident if it happens at the wrong time.
  4. Bad weather
    1. Anyone who has driven for a significant length of time will know how dangerous the road can be when the weather is bad. Rain and snow can make the road slippery, while a simple patch of ice can send you skidding if you are not careful. Even the wind can be dangerous if you are travelling at high speeds, potentially blowing you out of your lane and into a car next to you. Ideally, you should never travel in bad weather conditions, but if you do not have a choice in the matter, you should always take it slow. Otherwise, you will be at a much higher risk of being in a car accident.
  5. DUI/DWI
    1. It should go without saying that driving while under the influence of an intoxicating substance is dangerous, which can include alcohol, marijuana, or even certain prescription medications. This is because many of these mind-altering drugs can impair your judgment, slow your reaction time, or make you lose your motor coordination, making it harder for you to react to potential hazards on the road. Thus, even if you believe you can safely drive while under the effects of an intoxicant, legal or illegal, you should err on the side of caution, for both your safety and the safety of others on the road.

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