Congress Bans Surprise Medical Bills With “No Surprises” Act

Congress has passed a law that will make it illegal to give someone a “surprise” medical bill. Known as the “No Surprises” Act, this law will make it substantially harder for medical providers to charge someone with unforeseen medical bills due to problems caused by inconsistent coverage from insurance networks. This will hopefully reduce the cost of medical stays, where people may face unforeseen medical expenses after suffering a major illness or injury.

What is the “No Surprises” Act?

The No Surprises Act deals with the problem of people being surprised by unexpected medical expenses due to being treated by doctors, nurses, lab technicians, or other medical professionals outside of their insurance network. Up until now, whenever someone was treated for an illness or injury by someone outside of their insurance network, they became responsible for the costs of their treatment, even if their insurance would normally cover it. This meant someone could potentially be saddled with potentially thousands of dollars in medical expenses without knowing it.

Where this particularly proved to be a problem was when a hospital would employ doctors covered by different insurance networks. Someone could, for example, have a hip replaced by a surgeon who was in-network for them, but their anaesthesiologist would be out-of-network. In that case, they might be forced to pay for the cost of their anaesthesia, even though they did not choose to be treated by someone outside of their insurance network.

What is the Significance of the No Surprises Act?

The biggest impact of this law is that it will significantly cut down on people being ambushed by surprise medical expenses. This means fewer people suffering from hardship due to unexpected medical bills they believed would be covered by their insurance. It will also potentially lower the costs of medical treatment overall, and reduce the chance of medical bankruptcies caused by unexpected injuries or illnesses. After all, if you have been injured in an accident, you already have enough problems to worry about.

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