The Seven Most Deadly Industries to Work In

While most industries carry at least some risk of being killed on the job, some industries are definitely more deadly than others. Workers in those industries face a disproportionately high risk of severe injury or death, sometimes due to the inherent risks involved, but also due to failures to enact proper safety protocols. For workers in these seven deadly industries, there is a constant risk of a fatal injury:

  1. Farming, fishing, and forestry
    • These fields of work are grouped together as a single industry by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and collectively represent the most deadly industries to work in. While they don’t have quite as many accidents as some other industries, those who engage in logging, farming, fishing, and other similar jobs have the highest rate of fatal injury as other industries. Typically, these injuries are the result of accidental contact with the tools they use for their job, as well as issues like being struck by falling objects (for loggers) or boat accidents (for fishers).
  2. Transportation and warehousing
    • Whether you drive a truck across the country, drive a taxi across a city, or simply operate a forklift in a warehouse, you are at substantial risk of a fatal injury. The BLS groups the transportation and warehousing industries together, in part due to how connected they are to trade, but also because they are among the highest risk groups for motor vehicle accidents on the job. Warehouse workers additionally need to worry about falling objects, which can easily harm or kill anyone beneath them.
  3. Construction
    • While construction may not have the highest rate of fatal injuries, it regularly tops the list for the sheer number of fatalities attributed to it. By itself, construction accounts for about a fifth of all workplace-related fatalities. These fatal injuries come from a variety of sources, including falling, being hit by falling objects, having limbs caught inside machinery, being caught in a cave-in, or being electrocuted.
  4. Mining
    • Mining accidents are some of the most common, and most deadly, sources of injury that someone can encounter. In addition to working with dangerous tools, the very environment can be a hazard, and a mine collapse can injure or kill workers. In addition, it is not uncommon for miners to encounter dangerous gasses, which can have toxic effects on anyone exposed to them.
  5. Installation, maintenance, and repair
    • The BLS considers these fields to be separate from construction, although they are related. It refers to any profession, such as electricians, plumbers, maintenance workers, or others, that work to install, maintain, and repair buildings. They often share many of the risks that construction workers do, including the risk of injury from tools and falling objects. Electricians, in particular, are at high risk of fatal electrocutions, due to accidental contact with live wires.
  6. Law enforcement
    • Law enforcement is one of the few fields where people face not only a high risk of accidental injury, but also assault. Unfortunately, people in these professions face a high risk of injury while pursuing and arresting suspects, with dozens killed due to accidents or assaults. In a similar vein, security officers and prison guards also face a similar risk of intentional injury from the very people they are trying to guard against.
  7. Sanitation
    • Helping to clean the streets and pick up garbage and recycling is a deceptively dangerous job. Every year, some workers get hurt by the garbage trucks, either by getting caught in the mechanisms, falling off, or getting accidentally run over. In addition, sanitation workers often must contend with street traffic, and face constant risk of being hit by other vehicles while doing their jobs.

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