Philips Recalls CPAP/BiPAP Machines For Product Defect

Philips Respironics, a major manufacturer of CPAP machines, BiPAP machines, and ventilators, has issued a recall for many of its machines due to a product defect. These devices are used by people with sleep apnea and other breathing-related issues to assist them with breathing more easily. This defect can potentially cause serious health issues for anyone who uses them, and anyone with affected machines should take steps to address the issue with their doctor to seek potential alternatives.

What is Philips Respironics?

Philips Respironics is a subsidiary of the multinational Dutch conglomerate Koninklijke Philips N.V., more commonly referred to as just “Philips.” Philips is a major manufacturer of various types of electronics, including medical equipment and lighting. Philips Respironics is the part of the conglomerate that focuses on producing equipment to assist with breathing issues, such as CPAP/BiPAP machines and ventilators.

Why Was the Recall Issued?

The product defect concerns the polyester-based polyurethane sound abatement foam, which is used to dampen sound and vibration made by these devices. This defect causes the material in the machine to break down, which can then become lodged in the device’s air pathway or become swallowed or inhaled by whoever was using it. When this material is inhaled or swallowed, it can cause potentially serious health issues to whoever is using it. These defects have been found to be more common when people clean their machines with certain types of cleaners, such as ozone, or when they are left in unusually hot or humid areas.

What Problems Can This Product Defect Cause?

People who have suffered from this product defect have found specks of black debris in the air passage of their machines, which is the result of the sound abatement foam breaking down. They have commonly complained about headaches, coughs, asthma, chest pressure, and sinus infections, and have suffered irritation to the eyes, nose, and mouth. In addition, this material, when ingested, is known to have toxic effects to the kidneys and liver, and may increase the likelihood of certain cancers.

What Should Someone Do if They Have a Recalled Machine?

If you have a Philips machine that is impacted by this recall, you should take steps to find alternative forms of treatment, with the advice and assistance of your doctor. If you have suffered any of the effects described above, consult with a doctor as soon as possible. You should also speak to a lawyer with knowledge of product liability law who can help you explore potential legal options.

Defective product cases are complex, and defendants, particularly large corporations, often have vast legal resources. To ensure you receive fair compensation, you need the experience of a personal injury attorney with a long-standing and proven record of delivering justice to their clients. Contact the New York City and Long Island offices of Levine & Slavit, PLLC at (888) LAW-8088 and schedule your consultation today.

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