What Makes Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

On average, approximately 5,000 people die every year as a result of motorcycle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This makes motorcycle accidents one of the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents, with the risk of fatalities being about twenty-seven times more likely with motorcycles than any other type of vehicle. Why are motorcycles so dangerous, compared to other types of motor vehicles?

  1. Lack of protection from crashes

    • One of the biggest reasons that motorcycles are so dangerous is that they offer far less protection from accidents than passenger cars, trucks, or other similar vehicles. This lack of protection is exacerbated by a shockingly common disregard of safety measures, with around 29% of all motorcycle drivers failing to wear a helmet. This means that when an accident does happen, it is far likely to result in a serious, and potentially fatal, injury.

  2. Speeding and moving violations are common

    • Another serious issue is that many motorcycle drivers are cavalier when it comes to speed limits and other safety laws. While this adds to the excitement of riding a motorcycle, it also increases the likelihood and severity of motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, far too many motorcyclists only understand the dangers of reckless driving once they get into an accident.

  3. Lack of awareness or concern from other drivers

    • Another major risk factor comes from a lack of awareness from other drivers. Due in part to their small size, motorcyclists often go unnoticed by other, larger vehicles on the road. This issue can be exacerbated if the motorcyclist is driving in heavy traffic or at night, when motorcycle accidents are most common. This can become a serious issue as it increases the chances that someone will accidentally hit the motorcyclist, resulting in an otherwise preventable crash.

  4. Improper maintenance of vehicles

    • While motorcycle drivers are notorious for the love and care they give their vehicles, a surprising number of them fail to perform basic maintenance on them. This leads to many motorcycles going on the road with old oil, worn out brakes, improperly inflated tires, and other maintenance issues. This substantially increases the risk of a mechanical failure, which in turn makes motorcycle accidents more likely.


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