Being Mindful During National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week

April 11 marks the beginning of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, a time when drivers are encouraged to be especially mindful of work zones on the road. An average of two workers are killed every single day due to work zone accidents, due in no small part to driver negligence. Motorists should be on the lookout for these work zones while on the road, and drive carefully to avoid potentially lethal accidents.

What Are Work Zones?

In simple terms, work zones are areas along the sides of roadways where people engage in various types of roadwork. This includes repairing or refinishing the road, working on an electrical line or water pipe, or anything else that may require digging up the area on or around a road. It also includes emergency workers who deal with accidents that happen along the road. Creating a work zone often includes detours, lane closures, and other measures to keep motor vehicles away so they can work in relative peace.

What Makes Work Zones So Dangerous?

Despite the fact that work zones are typically cordoned off with traffic cones, flares, and other indicators, their presence along normal flows of traffic means that they are at a high risk of  getting into an accident. Careless drivers, especially along highways, have a tendency to barrel through work zones without realizing it. All too often, these drivers wind up hitting workers, resulting in potentially severe injuries.

How Does This Affect Work Zone Workers?

For work zone workers, the constant threat of careless drivers means that any kind of construction project is potentially hazardous. They are keenly aware of the fact that negligent drivers could barrel through at any time, despite the measures they take to keep people away. These issues become especially difficult to handle late at night, where a combination of low visibility and a higher risk of intoxicated drivers can make a work site particularly dangerous for construction workers.

What Can Drivers Do to Avoid Work Site Accidents?

For drivers who want to avoid work site accidents, the best thing to do is to remain constantly aware of work sites, and always slow down as you approach one. You should also be on the lookout for workers who may attempt to cross the road or go out into the road, and always follow any posted signs. That way, you can minimize the risk that you will get into an accident and hurt a construction worker or emergency responder along the road.

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