Five Reasons Construction Workers Suffer From Electrocutions

Electrocution is one of the four biggest causes of workplace injuries and deaths in the United States, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Construction workers, in particular, are at an incredibly high risk of electrocution on the job, suffering from electrical injuries more often than workers in any other industry. Here are five reasons why construction workers are at such a high risk of electrocutions:

  1. Lack of insulated gear
    • A surprisingly common reason that construction workers get electrocuted is that they lack access to insulated gear. This kind of protective gear, including insulated gloves, is meant to protect against the risk of electrocution by stopping electrical current from being conducted to the worker. While this type of gear is supposed to be supplied to workers by their employers, some are negligent and leave workers unprotected against electrocutions.
  2. Cutting into unmarked power cables
    • One of the downsides of every building having electricity is that there are buried power cables everywhere. While these cables are supposed to be marked out so people do not accidentally dig or cut into them, the fact of the matter is that these records are often spotty or incomplete, and some construction contractors will not check to see if there’s a buried power line in the first place. This means that many workers only realize they are in the vicinity of a buried power line when they accidentally cut into it, electrocuting themselves.
  3. Working around exposed wires
    • Wires are typically supposed to be insulated to protect against people accidentally making contact with them. However, when workers are doing construction on a building, it is not that uncommon for them to come across exposed wiring that is not properly insulated. It does not take much for workers to accidentally come into contact with these electrified wires, resulting in electrocutions.
  4. Working around faulty or degraded equipment
    • Another surprisingly common cause of electrocutions is the result of defective equipment. This equipment may be defective from the start, or it might be improperly maintained, causing it to become damaged or degraded in a way that makes it dangerous to use. These defective tools and equipment can potentially short out or suffer other mechanical failures, resulting in electrocutions or other injuries.
  5. Failing to use tagout or lockout systems
    • It can be extremely dangerous to come in contact with electrified equipment while it is in use. To avoid this scenario, most of this equipment is supposed to use a “lockout” or “tagout” system, which protects against accidental exposure to these hazards. However, some construction companies will circumvent these systems to save time or money, vastly increasing the risk of electrocutions.

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