SUVs and Pickup Trucks Responsible for Majority of Pedestrian Accidents

According to a recent study, pickup trucks and SUVs are more responsible than any other type of passenger vehicle for pedestrian accidents and deaths. In research released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the majority of pedestrian accidents are caused by these larger vehicles, which have become increasingly popular over the past two decades. In fact, the research ties the increased ownership of SUVs and pickup trucks as a potential reason for the rise in pedestrian fatalities since 2009.

What the Statistics Say

    According to the study, SUVs and pickup trucks are collectively responsible for the majority of all pedestrian accidents and deaths across the United States. This is tied directly to a rise in pedestrian deaths overall, which are up by 59% since 2009. Meanwhile, since 2009, pickup trucks and SUVs accounted for only 47% of new car sales, while in 2021, they accounted for about three-quarters of all new vehicle sales.

Why SUVs and Pickup Trucks Are Involved in More Pedestrian Accidents

The obvious answer to the question about why these vehicles are involved in more accidents is to simply point at the rise in sales for these vehicles. The more a certain type of vehicle is sold, the more likely it is to be involved in an accident. In addition, the study notes that these vehicles are far more likely to be involved in accidents where pedestrians are walking along the side of the road, rather than on sidewalks or at crosswalks or intersections.

What Makes SUVs and Pickup Trucks More Dangerous

One potential factor that the study points to is the blind spots on pickup trucks and SUVs. These vehicles often have large “A-pillars” between the windshield and the cabin to help support the weight of the roof in the event of a rollover crash. This safety measure comes with the downside of creating large blind spots in drivers’ lines of sight, making it easier to miss pedestrians or other vehicles that may run in front of a car.

What This Means for Drivers and Pedestrians

For pedestrians, this study shows that extra care must be taken around these larger vehicles to avoid the risk of an accident. They should always take care to cross the street only at intersections and crosswalks, and to avoid walking along the side of the road where possible. Drivers, meanwhile, should be aware of the blind spots around their vehicle, and be certain not to hit pedestrians that might be in places they cannot see, using mirrors to check around blind spots when necessary.

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