Past Results Personal Injury

Successful Past Verdicts for Personal Injury in New York

Slip and Fall Accident – Worker at Concert Venue Slipped on Wet Floor Injuring Back – Settlement $2,900,000.00

Plaintiff, then 41 years old, slipped and fell at a major New York City concert venue while setting up for a live performance. He underwent extensive treatment for his lower back including fusion surgery. The matter settled on the eve of trial.

Construction Accident – Worker Fell on Debris in Passageway Leading to Shoulder Injury – Settlement $225,000.00

The plaintiff, a 31 year construction worker was injured during the construction of a high rise luxury residential building in Manhattan while performing HVAC work. The plaintiff was seriously injured after falling on debris left in a passageway. The matter settled before trial.

Construction Accident – Client Suffered Broken Ribs Following Trench Collapse – Settlement $290,000.00

The plaintiff was employed on a construction project installing large pipes when an improperly constructed trench collapsed on him, burying him completely and breaking several of his ribs. The trench had been constructed with improper shoring. 

Firearm Accident – Rifle Round Lodged in Reloading Device Not Properly Disarmed Resulting in Severe Hand Injury – Settlement $450,000.00

Plaintiff, an avid firearms enthusiast, hired defendant to remove a live round from a vice in which the round was jammed. Upon returning the round to the plaintiff, defendant falsely assured plaintiff that the round had been made safe, which it had not. The round exploded in plaintiff’s hand causing severe tendon and nerve injury. The matter settled following a plaintiff’s verdict in Nassau County.   

Premises Liability – Patron Slipped and Fell in Bar – Settlement $175,000.00

The plaintiff, then 33 years old, slipped and fell on the wet floor of a bar in Brooklyn fracturing his wrist. The plaintiff had to undergo surgery involving the placement of metal plates. The matter settled during trial following a unanimous jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff on liability. 

Employment Discrimination – Owners Reduced Bartender’s Hours and Then Fired Her After She Complained About Sexual Harassment – Settlement $71,000.00

Plaintiff, an experienced female bartender, was sexually harassed repeatedly by a coworker. When she complained about the harassment to management, her hours were first reduced, and she was later fired.

Civil Rights – Riker’s Island Inmate Assaulted By Other Inmates While Guards Failed to Intervene Resulting in Broken Jaw – Settlement $150,000.00

Our client, who was incarcerated at Riker’s Island, was viciously assaulted by three other inmates while several guards watched and failed to intervene, as they are required to do. The client’s jaw was badly broken. He required two surgeries and his jaw was wired shut for several weeks.

Personal Injury – Slip and Fell On Ice Led to Ankle Fracture and Three Surgeries – Settlement $275,000.00

Plaintiff, 43 years old, slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of a church, suffered a severe ankle fracture requiring three surgeries. The landlord failed to clear the parking lot of snow and ice, resulting in the accident.

Personal Injury – Slip and Fell On Ice Led to Broken Ankle With Surgery – Settlement $220,000.00

Plaintiff, then aged 64, slipped and fell on ice. The defendant, a private landowner, failed to comply with its duty to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition, causing the accident. Plaintiff underwent surgery on her ankle.

Personal Injury – Uneven Floor in Museum Caused Trip Leading to Broken Shoulder Requiring Surgery – Settlement $350,000.00

Plaintiff, then 70 years old, tripped and fell on an uneven floor in a museum causing a broken shoulder requiring surgery. The plaintiff, who did not reside in New York, hired our firm shortly after the accident. Immediately upon being retained, we hired an expert engineer and obtained a court order requiring the museum to permit the engineer to inspect the premises. The engineer found that the museum was not in compliance with the building codes.

Department Store Escalator Accident – Verdict $3,000,000.00

The plaintiff was riding down an escalator in a department store when she was struck by a carton of shoes that a stock boy was moving on a hand truck. Instead of using the freight elevator as he was supposed to, the employee decided to use the escalator because he was closer to it. However, when he got to the top of the escalator, the shoeboxes came off the hand truck and fell down the escalator, striking the plaintiff. She injured her knee and developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which caused her constant interminable pain. At the time of trial, she could barely walk. The defendants argued that plaintiff’s problems were from a prior knee injury, but the jury was persuaded to reject the defendant’s argument.

Fire on Night of the 2003 Blackout – Failure to Provide Safe Means of Egress – 13-Year Old Jumps and Breaks Both Legs – Settlement $475,000.00

On the night of August 15, 2003, the 13-year old plaintiff was awoken by a fireman on a bullhorn announcing the evacuation of his building due to smoke and fire in a next-door building. The plaintiff made his way through his living room window and onto a metal fire escape. The fire escape led to the roof of a one-story garage from which, however, no ladder or other device was available to use to get from the garage roof to the driveway below. With windows popping and glass shattering around him, he jumped from the roof. He fractured both of his legs for which he underwent multiple surgeries. Levine & Slavit retained an engineer inspect the building. The engineer found that the building owner failed to provide a safe means of egress from the building, in violation of the N.Y.C. Building Code. The defendant argued that there was a proper means of egress which, unbelievably, required re-entry into the burning building to descend an interior stairway to street level. We made a motion for summary judgment based upon the failure to provide a safe means of egress. Although the motion was denied on the ground that there were issues of fact for a jury to decide, we believe that our motion sent the message that we were handling the case aggressively which ultimately resulted in a more substantial recovery for our client. The case settled after a jury had been selected and the attorneys were about to make their opening statements to the jury.

Experts: Engineer, Orthopedist

Home Health Aide Negligence – $250,000.00 Settlement

Surveillance cameras placed in our client’s home by her family because of a prior dishonest home health aide revealed that when our elderly client fell, the aide continued to watch television and even went to the kitchen and made herself a sandwich.  Our client was discovered on the floor of her living room by her daughter who happened to stop by to drop off some groceries.  The aide told her that her mother had just fallen to the floor, but the surveillance film revealed that she had been on the floor for almost an hour while the aide ate and watched television.

Negligent Security – Sexual Assault – $250,000.00 Settlement

Our client was assaulted in a Manhattan office building.  The perpetrator was caught and pled guilty to rape.  Part of the encounter between our client and the perpetrator in the lobby of the building was captured by a surveillance camera at the building.  The greatest difficulty with the case was that the building did not have any prior history of criminal activity so that the building was able to argue that it had no notice of any problems or danger.  If the building prevailed on that point, the case would have to have been dismissed.  Our office retained a security expert who reviewed the surveillance tape, visited the building, and was of the opinion that the building’s security was negligent relying in part upon the testimony our office obtained from a worker on duty at the building to the effect that someone should have been manning the front desk when the perpetrator entered the building and encountered our client in the lobby.  The case settled after we successfully defeated the defendants’ motion to dismiss the case.

Expert: Building Safety and Security

Infant Bit By Dog with No Prior Bites – Settlement $125,000.00

The personal injury attorneys at our Manhattan office represented the parents of a boy just under two years of age who was severely attacked and bitten on the face by a dog. The child suffered severe and permanent facial scarring and extreme emotional suffering from the experience. Under New York law, while it is not necessary to prove that a dog had bitten another person before biting the plaintiff, the plaintiff is obligated to prove that the dog had vicious propensities about which the dog’s owner either knew or should have known. In our case, notwithstanding that we hired an investigator to canvass the neighborhood, we could find no witnesses to testify as to the dog’s vicious propensities. Nevertheless, through skillful deposition of the dog’s owners, we were able to discover enough information so that the defendants chose to settle the case rather than risk a verdict.

Failure to Disclose Life-Threatening Blood Disorder – Settlement Confidential

Plaintiff underwent a thorough pre-employment physical, including a laboratory analysis of his blood. The plaintiff was told that the results of the examination were normal. Approximately one year after the plaintiff was working at the company, during which time he received medical attention at the company’s medical office without improvement in his condition, he was seen by an outside physician. The doctor immediately recognized a dire situation, which was diagnosed as suffering from chronic myelogenous leukemia (“CML”), a condition which, if left untreated, is life threatening. When the outside doctor obtained the results of blood tests performed in connection with plaintiff’s pre-employment physical, plaintiff learned for the first time that the blood tests were not normal as his employer had advised, but that it showed abnormalities indicative of CML. As a result of the plaintiff’s delay in learning of the disease, he sustained a significantly diminished loss of chance for cure, and extreme mental anguish from his awareness of the implications of the loss of the year in obtaining treatment due to the delayed diagnosis. This case was settled only after the personal injury attorneys from our Manhattan office successfully defeated multiple motions to dismiss plaintiff’s complaint upon multiple grounds, including that the action was barred by the Workers’ Compensation Law. Had the defendants prevailed on any one of the grounds upon which dismissal was sought, plaintiff’s case would have been dismissed.

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