Juul Accused of Selling Tainted Vaping Pods

The vaping manufacturing company, Juul, has been sued for allegedly allowing as many as one million tainted vaping pods to be sold on the market. The suit was filed by Juul’s former vice president, Siddharth Breja, who claims he was fired for raising concerns about the contaminated pods, as well as additional concerns that the company was knowingly selling expired products. The suit adds to growing public concern about the safety of vaping amidst a growing number of injuries and illnesses linked to vaping products.… Read the rest

Tobacco Companies Trying to Poison Children With Nicotine Candy

You’d be forgiven if you mistook a Camel Orb for a Tic Tac mint. They share a similar size and shape and have candy flavoring. But Camel Orbs are no breath mint. Instead, Orbs are made of finely ground tobacco packed with nicotine, a highly addictive drug. Or if you prefer, you can choose a thin strip similar to some breath mint products or a stick resembling a toothpick.

With their discreet form, candy-like appearance, and added flavorings that may be attractive to young children, smokeless tobacco products are of concern. From 2002 to 2006, there was an average increase … Read the rest