New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Operating a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than driving a motor vehicle. Many motorcycle accidents occur because the motorcycle is not seen by the driver of the motor vehicle until after the collision. Often, the driver did not see a motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction of traffic or riding alongside the vehicle before the car changed lanes. Motorcyclists lack the protection of metal, seat belts, and airbags that motor vehicles provide. This lack of protection often means that the injuries sustained by motorcyclists are more severe than those suffered by motor vehicle occupants. So it is important to know how to better protect yourself in the event of a motorcycle accident, especially in New York City.

Protect Yourself in a Motorcycle Accident

One way motorcycle owners can better protect themselves from the negligence of motor vehicle drivers is to purchase additional Supplementary Uninsured Motorists (“SUM”) coverage as part of their insurance policy. SUM coverage provides coverage to motorcycle operators and passengers in the event of a collision in which the negligent motor vehicle has little or no insurance coverage. We have represented motorcyclists with devastating injuries whose recovery was limited to New York’s minimum of $25,000. However, if, for example, the motorcyclist had purchased SUM coverage in the sum of $100,000, he would have been able to collect up to the higher amount. We recommend that all motorcyclists consult with their insurance agent/broker about obtaining as much SUM coverage as possible. Under New York’s Insurance Law, the benefits of New York State’s “Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Reparations Act,” commonly known as the “No-Fault Law,” are not available to motorcyclists to pay for bills and lost earnings.

Learn More about Motorcycle Accident Law

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