Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Manhattan and Long Island Wrongful Death Attorneys – Lawyers Who Truly Care About Defending the Rights of Residents Throughout New York City

When negligence or recklessness causes the death of someone you care about, the pain and suffering can last a lifetime. Thankfully, wrongful death laws are in place in New York City trained to protect the rights of surviving family members.

Wrongful death occurs when someone dies as a result of the actions or negligence of another party. Recovery and damages can include pain and suffering, medical costs and lost income. Our Manhattan and Long Island wrongful death attorneys are poised and ready to help citizens throughout the greater metropolitan New York City area during this very difficult time. We have successfully represented clients in cases such as medical negligence, auto accidents and subway and bus accidents. You will find our attorneys to be experienced and knowledgeable professionals who truly care about each one of their clients. Our wrongful death lawyers are not only interested in achieving a successful outcome, but they also strive to build lasting relationships with each of our clients.

Many factors are taken into consideration in wrongful death cases at our Manhattan and Long Island offices, including:

  • Entitlement to sue
  • Economic losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damages

To protect your legal rights, you need an attorney who is extensively trained and experienced in wrongful death cases. With an infinite number of variables involved in these sensitive cases, an astute, determined lawyer is crucial.

If you reside in or near New York City, our lawyers can be of assistance. Contact us today.